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O.K as most of you know, I am an interview kinda person. If you are looking for the big "technical aspects" style coverage of E3 then you might look elsewhere. . . this covers the Who's Who of the gaming industry, who was doing what . . etc. Although I do have some exclusive in game footage and screenshots of Q3Arena Add On Pack as well as some awesome FAKK2 footage too, I primarily cover the who's doing what and who I had a chance to hang out with etc. The names are big. . and the scoops even bigger, so pull up a chair. . . this gets good. REAL good.


I arrived in L.A. on Wed. morning ( heh, cheaper flight put me in early Wed. ) and immediately after checking in to the hotel. . . . I set out to find a beauty salon and get a haircut. Somehow I end up on the G.O.D lot hangin' out with Ritual Entertainment. Jeff "Smitty" Smith greeted me at the gate and got me around the armed security guard and proceeded to give me the all out tour.


First of all, those of you in attendance will most likely agree, G.O.D had easily one of the best set ups of this years E3, a little shade for my Alaskan ass would've been nice, but the flowing free drinks/beer more than made up for the direct radiation my oversized body was absorbing :^)


Smitty gave me the grand tour . . . . and I was mighty impressed with what was being shown. I have some awesome exclusive footage of FAKK2 that will simply amaze you. I am in the process of packaging it all up and getting it ready for download. For the people out there ( like me :^) DYING for a game implementing a dual weapon system, FAKK2 does it flawlessly.


Speaking of FAKK2, his Lo'ness himself, the Levelord and I spent a good amount of the afternoon shootin the shit... and getting up to speed on the show. At one point, my retarded ass actually made a smartass comment to the Levelord about Cliff Bleszinsky's wardrobe. . . heh, only to have CliffyB handle the whole situation very diplomatic and introduce himself ( first day in L.A. and pissin' off CliffyB is not a way to start things off )




So I hopped over to the Activision booth to see what the other Quake3 powered games were looking like. . . 







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