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From time to time we open "Donation Drives" where our regular readers (you) can donate money to Hypothermia (me) to help defray the cost of running this website, the free giveaways and to offset the personal expense incurred by the aforementioned.

As always, the money you send in to Hypothermia is a donation to us personally and treated as such. What we do with the funds after the donation is made to our website, even if we choose to donate it to charity, is of a personal nature and we are not a tax-exempt or charitable organization nor should we be considered one. Although we do make donations to various charitable organizations, we are not a charitable organization or non-profit group and we do not accept donations on behalf of any charity.

All Donations to Hypothermia,, Steven Lynch or are made of your own free will. Donations are non-refundable. These donations are not in any way connected to any of the promotional contest or free giveaways (computers,  computer components, autographed games & memorabilia, video games or video game consoles) we hold here.

If you understand and agree to these terms, click the button below to make a donation. We sincerely appreciate the support.



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