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Gigabyte X600Pro a Day



Killer Gaming Rig #12


Best Buy Gift Certificates


12 Copies of DOOM 3


All-In-Wonder 9800Pro


Sony Car Audio

Killer Gaming Rig #11

Halo X-Box A Day

Five $100 Gift Certificates

14 copies of Ninja Gaiden

Radeon 9600 All-In-Wonder


2.8C (800MHz FSB) Pentium4




Xbox Gaming Bundle


2.6GHz P4 "C" A Day


AthlonXP A Day



$100 Gift Certificates


ATi Radeon 9600 128MB


Autographed Halo


TDK DVD Burner a Day


Killer Gaming Rig #9


Babbage's $150 Gift Certificates a Day


Star Wars: KOTOR a Day


Vantec 520w PSU a Day


2.4GHz Celeron A Day

Enter The Matrix

Autographed Unreal II

Danger Den Giveaway

Koolance Exos


Xbox Live! a Day ( 21 total )


Killer Gaming Rig 8


Corsair-A-Day Giveaway


RMA a Day Contest


Cornerstone P1650 21" CRT Monitor


7 ASUS 48x16x48 CDRW Drives


3 Nintendo GameCube Packages


Killer Gaming Rig #7



$100 a Day for a Week


Mobo a Day for a Week


Bungee / Ratpadz a Day for a Week


Asia A Day for a Week


Black PC Giveaway

Shaq's Autographed Shoe

GeForce3 A Day ( one a day for a week )


Autographed copy of Unreal 2


Jedi Knight II Giveaway ( one a day for a week )


Killer Gaming Rig #6



Hardware a Day Contest


3 Xbox Gaming Console Packages



2GHz Intel Pentium 4 Keychain

Creative Labs Audigy and Inspire 4.1 Combo

Abit KG7-RAID / 256mb PC2700 / 1GHz Duron Combo


128mb Corsair PC2400 DDR Giveaway
( one a day for a week )

30gb IBM ATA100 HD Giveaway
( one a day for a week )

850MHz Celeron Giveaway
( one a day for a week )

Epox EP 8K7A+ DDR Motherboard


Killer Gaming Rig #5



Three Abit KT7E Motherboards


Koolance H20 Case giveaway


Asia's Autographed E3 Apparel


Abit Siluro 64mb  GeForce2 MX400


ColdCPU giveaway


Autographed Giants: Citizen Kabuto


Killer Gaming Rig #4



ATi Radeon 32mb DDR w/ Copper Ramsinks


GeForce2 Ultra KeyChain Giveaway!!!!


WaterCooling Giveaway!!!!


Maxi Sound Muse and Creative Labs FPS1500 ( x4 )




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