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08.29.06 -Steve
Here are a few pics from this years PAX, courtesy of Gabe at Penny Arcade. I couldn't make it because of work but I have promised myself to make time next year for PAX and for our [H]ardware workshops. 


08.24.06 -Steve
I have been insanely busy around here lately and to top it off, we have had raining and flooding around here that also takes its toll on you. But wait, that's not all...what would a "raining / flooding" story be without some jackass leaving the window cracked on his 35 year old, newly restored muscle car, for 5 days while it rained. Yes...that jackass was me. I'm smoove like that.   

08.21.06 -Steve
I had someone ask me about my vacation comment yesterday, so I thought I would share my response with everyone.  I give away a lot of cool stuff around here, most of the time, the stuff I I give away is cooler than what I personally own. I would loved to win a free trip somewhere. I would love to win a new laptop, new computer...so on and so forth. The truth is that I have all the latest and greatest gadgets, cool cars and cooler stuff. I am blessed with more than most and that is why I do what I do. Besides, I enjoy giving stuff away, it makes me feel good and feeling good about yourself I a lot more than most people can say .

08.20.06 -Steve
The winner of our PAX trip sends word that they will send us pictures from the show, so stay tuned for that.
*sigh* I wish I could go on vacation. 

08.16.06 -Steve
Yesterday, I made the comment that Jack Thompson is giving Rockstar and Take-Two the greatest gift a game developer could ask for, free publicity. Mr. Thompson was kind enough to send me this e-mail:

Steve, you're a bit confused. Rockstar is promoting Bully and has been for over a year. I'm the guy who ha delayed its release and who is knocking down the number of sales. You really need to get out more and understand how the world works. Put down the controller, step away from the gaming platform, and get a life. – Jack Thompson

In response to his criticism, my only point is simply that you can’t buy the sheer amount of publicity Mr. Thompson is providing this game by appearing on countless TV shows rallying against it. It would cost the publisher millions of dollars to buy the amount of TV time Jack is providing them for free. In my opinion, Mr. Thompson is the modern day equivalent of an “explicit lyrics” sticker on a music CD, which as we know, can actually help the sales of certain CDs, not hurt them. I stand behind my original statement that Take-Two should send Mr. Thompson a lovely fruit basket as a way of saying “Thanks” for all the free promotion. 

38th Birthday -Steve
The birthday well wishes have started coming in already, sheesh, you guys are on the ball. My wife and I both have birthdays this week, mine is the 15th and hers is the 17th (
both are 38). I have a huge celebration planned, it's called WORK. Stop by and see me there, we can all hang out together .

08.13.06 -Steve
All of our winners have responded. Congrats to Chayton T. in Lexington, Kentucky for winning the trip for two to PAX. The winner of the Toshiba Satellite P105-S9312 is Brolan M. in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to everyone that took part, we will have the names of the $500 cash giveaway announced tomorrow.

08.10.06 -Steve
Winning notifications have been sent out. Check your mail boxes.

08.09.06 -Steve
The drive is almost over so get in on it while the getting is good and we will have winners notified by this time tomorrow. We will post the results here as soon as the winners respond.

Donation Drive -Steve
O.K., here is what I have rounded up.

I have an awesome Toshiba Satellite P105-S9312 gaming laptop that comes with a T2500 Core Duo processor, 2GB of PC2-5300, a 256MB GeForce Go 7900GS, 200GB SATA-150 hard drive and a 17” TruBrite screen. This will be shipped directly from the store to you. A complete trip for two to Penny Arcade Expo that includes airfare (
open ended tickets for those of you that live in the area), a “Romance Package” at the Warwick Seattle Hotel, tickets to PAX, $250 spending money and transportation to the show.

08.05.06 -Steve
In addition to everything else we have going on around here, we are giving away $500 in cash this week...a $100 a day for the next five days. Enter once a day, per person and we will announce all the winners here and at [H] Console on Friday August 11th.  ENTER HERE!

08.02.06 -Steve
What do you guys think about doing a donation drive to send one of you to Penny Arcade's Expo (PAX) this year, August 25th - 27th? I would do it like normal, put up a nice PC for incentive but raise money to send one person on an all expense paid trip to Seattle, airfare, hotel, rental car and spending money as well as a 3 day pass to PAX? So, not only would you have a whack at the PC, but an all expense paid trip to PAX.

I'd love to do it if you guys are interested. Let me know.







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