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So it's 2004. Where are all the killer attack robots? Flying cars? This year sucks already. 

-Maartin @ ShackNews






Asia Carrera's Corner

Random Images of Asia

If you are looking for nude pictures, you are in the wrong place. Asia Carrera is a personal friend of mine for years now and the photos you see here were taken to share with our readers. Having said that, if you are over 18, you can always visit for any other pictures / videos etc. that you may be looking for.

(Most of these images can only be seen here at Hypothermia. ALL images are copyrighted Hypothermia and / or Asia Carrera photos...any questions?? ASK. Do not use these images without permission. The "[H]" is trademarked too ) 










Disaster Relief Auction featuring Autographed memorabilia the the lovely Ms. Carrera donated. Asia's items brought in over  $1000.00 dollars to help the families of the victims of the WTC Disaster. 

Well, I have reached a point where Asia needs her own little area. . . . to keep you guys up to date on what's going on with Asia.

Asia Carrera's Interview is HERE


Ask Asia #1 and #2 are here



and a little Asia Conspiracy article I wrote...


Every now and then Asia will model my shirts. . . [H]ardOCP baby

and finally a little AMD Asia






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