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One a Day for a Week Contest!!!!

This is the thirteenth time we have done the "One a Day for a Week" contest here at Hypothermia. We are looking to do something a little different each time we have a "One a Day for a Week" contest.

These contest will be run a tad bit different, I will run the contest all week selecting daily winners...then notify the winners all at once at the end of the week. ANY left over / unclaimed hard  ware will be given away in a separate contest. 

With the popularity of these contests, it is hard for manufacturers to say no to us . So if you have a product or manufacturer you would like to see participate in a Hypothermia giveaway, let me know, and I'll see if we can get them to kick in on the greatest giveaways on the planet, right here on Hypothermia ( blowing my own horn a little )...

So get in it to win it. . . and if you don't win this time, don't sweat it, there is always another giveaway right around the corner.




Current "A Day" Contest!!!

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7 IBM ATA100 Hard Drives



7 sticks of Corsair PC2400 DDR memory



7 Celeron 850MHz  Processors



7 Abit Motherboards


7 Voodoo5 5500 video cards





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