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Whose cruel idea was it for the word "LISP" to have the letter "S" in it???
















The story behind this part of my website goes back to mid-1999. Just before I joined Kyle at HardOCP, we were laughing about the fact that the word HARD brought in tons of people to the site each month looking for adult content. 

And that's when it  hit me...if the word HARD brings them in, what about "nude models"? After all, most of you will remember that my site started as a 3D model making site and a 3D model with no texture is a nude model. Here we is years later and fifty thousand people a month come here looking for porn or nude models.  

Now that we have the explanation out of the way, let's get on with the NUDE MODELS SHALL WE!!! For those of you who followed a link expecting to see nude models will NOT be disappointed. There will be NO FALSE advertisement on this site, whatsoever. So without further delay, here come the nude  models ( 3D models with no textures applied to the wire frame models = nude models ):




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