Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Stolen GeForce 2080 Ti Update

As you all know, my GeForce RTX 2080 Ti went missing back in October of this year. The card was supposed to be used for review and then given away. I even managed to get NVIDIA's CEO to agree to autograph the card for the lucky winner. An offer that still stands.

Fast forward to today, investigations are all officially closed and  still no card. NVIDIA is in no way at fault, so nothing can be done there. UPS claims it wasn't at fault, the company claims the package was delivered (wrong address maybe?).

That said, I HAVE FAITH that I will eventually be able to source another GeForce 2080 Ti and carry out my original plan to review it and then send it off to be autographed by Jensen Huang so it can be used for an epic giveaway. 

*UPDATE* To those of you sending me e-mail suggesting I ask NVIDIA for a replacement card, the answer is no, simply because the company had nothing to do with the 2080 Ti going missing. It was either delivered to the wrong address (and signed for) or stolen, both of which are not NVIDIA's fault. As soon as I can find room in my budget, or source a new one, we'll be back on track. 😎