Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ambu-Trans Ambulette Cuts Annual Collision-Related Costs by 95 % Using Mobileye

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technologies could prevent over 2.7 million crashes, 1.1 million injuries and nearly 9,500 deaths in the U.S. each year if installed on all vehicles. Collision avoidance systems can help business fleet operators do their part in enhancing road safety for the common good, while also benefiting their own pocket by dramatically reducing crashes and the significant associated costs they lead to. Ambu-Trans Ambulette*, a provider of non-emergency medical transportation services in New York, is an example of a company that has experienced a significant improvement in safety – a reduction in crashes and crash-related costs – since equipping its fleet of vehicles with collision avoidance technology from Mobileye, an Intel company.