Thursday, November 1, 2018

AMD And Blockchain Technology

AMD breaks down blockchain technology and explains why they believe that its CPUs and GPUs are the best combination to make blockchain transactions increasingly faster and more secure. 

Blockchain is a paradigm shift that fundamentally revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses transmit, process and secure data. It is as much a transformation as the inception of the internet, the change from snail mail to email. It will redefine how we manage supply chains, maintain business transactions and exchange financial assets for decades to come.

Blockchain is a digital ledger – a continuously growing list of records – that is kept over time, decentralized and secured using cryptography. Data is distributed across a large, distributed, incorruptible network of computers, allowing us to interact with stored data in real-time, directly without intermediaries. Because it is not relying on conventional, proprietary, closed and hard-to-control IT infrastructures. Blockchain is providing an independent, tamper-proof, transparent new platform to securely store, transmit and process sensitive and valuable data.