Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SteamVR Has Been Updated

SteamVR has been updated. Here is a partial list of fixes, hit the link for the complete rundown:

  • Added a new mirror window mode called “Center View” that maximizes the view for any window size inside the hidden area mesh (the black area of pixels at the periphery). This view is meant to improve the spectating experience by letting viewers see as much of what the user sees as possible without showing any of the masked pixels. This is also meant to improve streaming quality by providing the best subrect for any aspect ratio.
  • New mini performance graph in the lower left corner of the settings window and in headset (still in beta as we improve performance of in-headset graph). The in-headset graph, meant primarily for developers, can be enabled with a checkbox near the top of the developers tab in the settings window
  • Added a default filename when saving a system report that includes the date and time to ensure a unique filename
  • Save mirror window maximized state so it properly launches maximized on startup
  • Fixed settings window remembering size and location
  • Improved status text in lower left corner of the settings window
  • Added basic hardware information to the video tab in the settings window that shows headset name, GPU name, and GPU driver version
  • Enhanced the advanced frame timing window with several additional graph lines showing state of the new reprojection system (see below)
  • Fixed bug where settings window and mirror window might launch off-screen if the main monitor resolution was reduced or if a second monitor was removed