Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ryan Shrout Joining Intel

Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective fame announced today that he is taking a position at Intel in mid to late November. I am not sure what a "Chief Performance Strategist" is but we wish him well at his new job.

As with others in my position that followed a similar path, this was not a simple decision. PC Perspective was my life, my passion, and my pride for these past 19 years. I took joy in the fact that I was able to build this up from nothing, with the help of a dedicated and intelligent team of hard-working reviewers and writers. Those of you that have paid attention will already know that my writing for PC Perspective has dwindled as my time was spent on other pursuits like Shrout Research. In my place, Ken took over the role of primary reviewer and has done an amazing job in the process.