Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Datacenter Trends Supporting AMD EPYC Processors

In a blog post on the AMD website, Dan Bounds, Sr. Director Data Center Solutions, outlined the company's plans to meet the demands of the datacenter market.

The complexity of the technology and the pace of innovation in the datacenter can be dizzying for anyone working in the space. What really excites me about AMD EPYC™ processors is that the tangible benefits of our products are part of that story. It is our unique feature set that creates an opportunity to drive exceptional performance and low TCO for our customers. At its core, there are three pillars to the EPYC proposition, each comprised of both engineering and economic considerations. First, a refresh is needed for a true datacenter transformation to occur. Second, speed is everything when it comes to data analytics and, thirdly, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for costs in the cloud. I took a shot at distilling this down in more detail below.