Saturday, September 29, 2018

Shuttle XPC Slim Barebone DH310 Review

I've always been a fan of Shuttle's mini barebones systems. The Shuttle XPC Slim Barebone DH310 might be a little too small for my liking but, as the review points out, this thing is perfect for digital signage, POI, POS, office, healthcare, industry, media center and more.

By having compatibility with the latest, non-ULV Coffee Lake processors from Intel, the Shuttle DH310 can deliver quite a bit of performance. Even if the i5 8600K is a 95W SKU, the TDP is automatically driven down to 65W maximum, this also meaning that the performance has been lowered a bit when all cores are at maximum load; in many other non-stressful usage patterns, the cores can reach the maximum Turbo Frequency without no issues at all.