Thursday, September 20, 2018

CPU Cooler Round-Up 2018 Part 2

Part two of OCInside's 2018 CPU cooler round-up is now online for your viewing pleasure. Here's a translated quote from the round-up to pique your interest:

After the big CPU cooler comparison 2018 , where we have tested numerous coolers on an AMD AM4 system, we would like to present another cooler test overview on today. In the second part of the cooler chart, there is now an overview with selected CPU coolers from Antec, Arctic, Cooler Master, Cryorig, Enermax, Intel and LEPA, which were tested on an Intel Core i5 PC system. So you can easily find the right air cooler or AIO water cooler for the Intel PC or AMD PC and get a quick comparison of the cooler test results.