Monday, August 13, 2018

The Outrageous Scam Of “Free” Tablets For Inmates

Once again I ask: Why do prisoners have tablets in the first place? All of this could be eliminated by simply not giving out "free" tablets in the first place. Everything listed below can be done from computers in supervised areas for very little cost to the inmate or the prison.

JPay charges an additional $4.15 service fee to transfer $20 from the outside to an inmate. Sending one email costs $.35, double that to include a photo, and quadruple to include a video. A song can cost up to $2.50, and an album can be — somewhat inexplicably — as much as $46. Chat with a loved one? That’ll be $18 per hour. But even these prices fluctuate during busy seasons. For instance, WIREDreported that the price of an email might increase from $.35 to $.47 around Mother’s Day, when inmates most want to communicate with loved ones.