Tuesday, June 26, 2018

‘Pirate’ TV Boxes Used By Quarter of Hong Kong Consumers

Are any of you surprised by this? If big cable wants to keep its customers, they need to make ALL cable packages à la carte and let customers pick the channels they want. You could easily sell packages in 50 channel increments and win back a lot of consumers. I have 300 channels, I watch less than 50 (if that) but the other 250 are forced on me to get the channels I want. Ugh.

The Coalition Against Piracy, an initiative backed by companies including Disney, Fox, HBO Asia, NBCUniversal, BBC and the Premier League, has revealed the extent that piracy-enabled set-top boxes have penetrated homes in Hong Kong. Their YouGov survey reveals that one in four Hong Kong residents now use the devices with half saying that they'd canceled legal services as a result.