Friday, April 13, 2018

Insights from a High Schooler at NVIDIA’s GTC

As part of AI4ALL’s alumni group, I along with 7 other girls had the opportunity to attend a day of GTC. The first talk we attended was “Combining VR, AR, Simulation, and the IoT to Create a Digital Twin” presented by Lockheed Martin. Contrary to what I imagined, a digital twin is not a digital look-alike of a human but is a virtual model of a physical product or environment. These models can be as varied as the interior of a ship, an airplane, or a planet in outer space. In sensitive or dangerous areas like these, it can be safer and more economical for humans to interact with a digital twin in order to gather information needed to make decisions. Additionally, virtual prototyping using virtual and augmented reality technologies can lead to better-designed products and more efficient manufacturing.