Thursday, August 3, 2017

Evolution AI Accelerates Data Processing with AI

The prospect of processing monotonous mountains of paperwork is not what dreams are made of. Yet that’s exactly a task shouldered by many workers in the legal, healthcare and finance industries, among others. Evolution AI, a U.K. startup and a member of our Inception program, has developed an AI platform that turns these mountains of paperwork into molehills, extracting and understanding information much faster than humans. 

 According to reading speed tests, the average adult can read 300 words per minute. With roughly 400 words fitting on a page of office paper, this means it takes more than 2 hours to read a 100-page document. Evolution AI’s platform, which runs on NVIDIA GPUs, can read — and analyze — the same document in 2.4 seconds. This frees up valuable manpower from mundane, manual data processing chores to concentrate on more complicated tasks.