Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NVIDIA Quadro the Only GPU Certified for Professionals

Architects, designers, engineers, artists and other professionals can’t afford to take chances with their work. With million-dollar projects at stake, and competition fierce, they need to simulate what their final project or product will be, accurately, the first time. NVIDIA Quadro products are designed, tested and tuned for professional applications. Not many projects are more demanding than designing spaceships for Guardians of the Galaxy. To handle the size and complexity of the work, artists at Framestore used the Quadro P4000, our mid range professional graphics GPU that excels under extreme workloads.

“The Quadro P4000 is great. It runs cooler and more quietly than the previous card I had used in-house”, says Noah Taylor, Senior FX TD, Framestore. “The extra memory and speed (it’s noticeably much faster) has helped me visualise spaceships with 40 million polygons, 100s of proprietary volume shaders, and openGl-based instances for shrapnel visualisation. All of these were visualised at the same time and inside Autodesk Maya’s native viewports for work on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The card ran very smoothly indeed – all of the time.”