Monday, July 24, 2017

How NVIDIA AI Labs Are Driving the Future of Computer Vision

How is sports strategy like self-driving cars and brain tumor diagnosis? They’re all the work of world-leading universities that are breaking new ground in artificial intelligence at the NVIDIA AI Labs. And they’ll all be on deck in the next few days at IEEE’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference, the premier annual computer vision event.

Stanford University has a better way to plan sports strategy. University of Oxford researchers are teaming up with NEC Labs America and others to solve one of the thorniest problems for self-driving cars. And the National Taiwan University (NTU) is working on a better way to diagnose brain tumors. Our NVAIL program helps us keep AI pioneers like these ahead of the curve with support for students, assistance from our researchers and engineers, and access to the industry’s most advanced GPU computing power, the DGX-1 AI supercomputer. NVAIL includes 20 universities from around the world.