Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gamers, Modders, Researchers Piling into VR Funhouse

A quarter million VR enthusiasts have downloaded it. More than 25 communities have created mods for it. Researchers from Cornell University in upstate New York to Israel have even found new ways to meld the virtual and real worlds with it. A year after its release, VR Funhouse — our first game — has been widely adopted by enthusiasts, researchers and game developers across the VR community. Gamers have been strapping on headsets to enjoy our wacky virtual funhouse everywhere from Greenland to Yemen, Nepal to Mozambique. We built this game to show how sight, sound and touch can be brought together in virtual reality to create experiences with unparalleled levels of immersion. And VR Funhouse is packed full of NVIDIA GameWorks and VRWorks tech and built on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.