Thursday, July 27, 2017

Check Out These NVIDIA-Powered AI and VR Tools at SIGGRAPH 2017

From Siri to Smart Cars to Netflix recommendations, AI is infused in our daily lives. Now, thanks to the computational power of NVIDIA GPUs, new AI accelerated workflows are optimizing content creation, saving artists and studios time and money, and driving greater creativity. 

Dublin-based startup Artomatix is a leading example of this trend. Its AI-based approach to texture generation and style transfer helps automate many of the mundane, tedious and repetitive tasks artists and designers face. This allows creative professionals like you to focus on high added value and creative tasks. They’re in our SIGGRAPH booth demonstrating their “Aging of 3D Worlds” platform.  Its deep learning technology, along with NVIDIA CUDA, cuDNN and cuBLAS running on NVIDIA GPUs, generate dozens of aged textures in minutes at a resolution of up to 4K.