Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AT&T Sees Record Loss in Cable TV Subscribers

How can this be? People don't like paying $150 a month for the 15 channels they actually watch? You know things are bad when even the new high-dollar Marky Mark commercials aren't winning people over.

Many analysts predicted that the second quarter would be the worst quarter for cord cutting in history, and AT&T's earnings certainly didn't disappoint. According to AT&T's earnings report, the company posted record losses in TV subscribers, losing 156,000 DirecTV satellite TV customers and 195,000 IPTV (formerly known as U-Verse) customers for a net loss of 351,000 “traditional” video subscribers. And while the company did manage to add 152,000 DirecTV Now streaming video customers, the additions weren't enough to counter the overall losses.