Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 Shockingly Advanced AI Apps Showcased at CVPR

From a flying cameraman to a mobile app that helps the blind, see: Inception startups showcase NVIDIA-powered technologies at a recent top AI conference. A personal, flying cameraman. A computer that can read your mood. Facial recognition software powerful enough to catch criminals. Custom maps smart enough to help you find what you really want. An app that can help the blind, see. 

None of this is sci-fi. All these apps are real. And they’re just five of the technologies on display by the startups in our Inception Program at this month’s Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, in Honolulu. In not much more than a year, NVIDIA’s Inception program has built a roster of over 1,300 startups working on such AI applications. Some 30 were at CVPR, nearly two dozen with exhibition booths.