Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Super Flower Leadex II 750W Review

I'm not sure how a 750W power supply can have 80 PLUS Gold certification only up to 650W with 115 VAC input and still earn a 9.2 review score but that's exactly the case with this review of the Super Flower Leadex II 750W PSU.

The PSU we will look at today is the Leadex II model with model number SF-750F14EG; it holds two 80 PLUS certifications. With 230 VAC input, it is 80 PLUS Gold EU certified at up to 750 W, and with 115 VAC input, it is 80 PLUS Gold certified with up to 650 W. This looks kind of confusing, and this is more of a marketing trick than an actual feature in our opinion. What you should keep in mind is that the SF-750F14EG can deliver 750 W with 115 VAC input; however, it won't deliver Gold-certified efficiency with 750 W.