Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NVIDIA Powers the World's Top 13 Most Energy Efficient Supercomputers

Advancing the path to exascale computing, NVIDIA today announced that the NVIDIA® Tesla® AI supercomputing platform powers the top 13 measured systems on the new Green500 list of the world's most energy-efficient high performance computing (HPC) systems. All 13 use NVIDIA Tesla P100 data center GPU accelerators, including four systems based on the NVIDIA DGX-1™ AI supercomputer. NVIDIA today also released performance data illustrating that NVIDIA Tesla GPUs have improved performance for HPC applications by 3X over the Kepler architecture released two years ago. This significantly boosts performance beyond what would have been predicted by Moore's Law, even before it began slowing in recent years. Additionally, NVIDIA announced that its Tesla V100 GPU accelerators -- which combine AI and traditional HPC applications on a single platform -- are projected to provide the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Summit supercomputer with 200 petaflops of 64-bit floating point performance and over 3 exaflops of AI performance when it comes online later this year.