Wednesday, June 28, 2017

HardOCP Calls Out PCPer and techPowerUP for 'Advertorial' Reviews

HardOCP's Editor In Chief, Kyle Bennett, has taken issue with PC Perspective and techPowerUP  for what is apparently being called "advertorial reviews." The crew at PCPer and TPU have always been loyal to Kyle so I am personally a bit surprised to see the daggers coming out like this, especially after Kyle's appearance at AMD's GDC keynote.

I have noticed more and more content over at that is "Sponsored by AMD," but most of these are build guide types of content although some of it has been content specific to game streaming. But we have seen content outside of that realm, such as AMD Radeon RX 580: Prey You'll Upgrade. This was a "review" that was, "Testing commissioned by AMD. This means that AMD paid us for our time, but had no say in the results or presentation of them."