Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Canadian Startup’s GPU-Powered Hockey Analytics Aims to Give Teams an Edge

Baseball has the now legendary story of Moneyball, with the under-financed Oakland A’s outdueling big money teams by using sabermetrics to analyze player activity. To match a game as fast and fluid as ice hockey, Toronto-based startup ICEBERG is aiming to write the future of the sport using analytics powered by computer vision and infused with AI.

The slightest competitive advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing in professional sports. It’s why powerful analytics tools for athletic teams, particularly in baseball and soccer, have become so widespread. Ice hockey has missed out on the analytics revolution, largely because its speed and complexity have made a nuanced understanding of the data behind player positioning and activity all but impossible. However, Alex Martynov, CEO of ICEBERG, sees this as a golden market opportunity.