Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Phanteks Announces The Glacier C350a AMD CPU Waterblock

Phanteks, the award-winning thermal cooling and chassis manfacturer, is excited to introduce the Glacier Series C350a, a compact CPU water block for the AMD platforms that delivers the highest possible rate of cooling performance to the processor efficiently and improves stability when overclocked.  

The Glacier C350a features a large copper base in high quality nickel finish, polished acrylic surface, and integrated high density cooling fins. The fins are fine-tuned to 0.4mm wide and designed with extra high fins (5mm) for improved conductivity. The C350a is integrated with RGB Lighting that can be synchronised with all Phanteks RGB products and RGB motherboards. Tailored with Viton O-Ring, the C350a is durable, resistant to extreme temperatures and retains sealing performance for long periods of time. The Glacier C350a can be intergrated into any enthusiast system without compromise. The C350a CPU Water Block is available in two colors, Satin Black and Mirror Chrome.