Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intel Extends Advanced Analytics to Grand Challenge of Genomics

Today is a milestone in advancing genomics research, and Intel is thrilled to be involved in these three important developments: The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is open-sourcing the world’s most popular and now much-improved genome analysis software, GATK4. Intel and Broad have developed a breakthrough architecture, called the Broad-Intel Genomics Stack (BIGstack), which currently delivers a 5x improvement to Broad’s genomics analytics pipeline using Intel’s CPUs, Omni-Path Fabric and SSDs. The stack also includes optimizations for the forthcoming release of Intel’s integrated CPU + FPGA products. China’s industry leader in genomics, BGI, is announcing adoption of the most current GATK tools, including Broad and Intel optimizations — a groundbreaking step toward global alignment in the rapidly growing genomics community.