Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Smart: Future of AI Cities on Display at ISC West

What happens in Vegas, stays in … Well, sometimes it does. But not this week at the ISC West on the Strip. You’ll soon find just about everywhere many of the technologies for creating AI cities that we’re showing off at the U.S.’s largest security show. Among the 20-odd demos in our booth are the latest robotic guards and security drones. Object recognition software so accurate it personalizes retail experiences or speeds up law enforcement investigative work. And capabilities that identify cars and pedestrians to keep traffic moving, which will one day make getting out of Vegas, when the time comes, that much easier. AI cities will be smarter, safer and more secure by deploying these technologies everywhere: on subways and streets, malls and government buildings, parks and traffic circles. The common thread these technologies share: they all use NVIDIA’s edge-to-cloud GPU computing platform.