Thursday, April 20, 2017

Phanteks EVOLV mATX Micro-Tower Chassis Review

The magnificent (yes, I said magnificent) Phanteks EVOLV mATX is on the test bench today at TweakTown. Hit the link to read more.

The chassis which brings us all here together is not something completely new to the market. In late 2014, Phanteks brought forth something called the Enthoo Evolv Micro-Tower, and looking back for reference we can see that we prized it highly. Then, about in the middle of 2015, we got our hands-on the Enthoo Evolv ITX chassis, and while compact, we still found much to love about the chassis. While we never did get our hands-on the Enthoo Evolv ATX chassis that released near the end of 2015, there is not one case in this lineup that we did not appreciate the layout, craftsmanship, style, and bang for the buck.