Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IBM Cloud to Offer AI Computing with Latest NVIDIA Pascal GPUs

IBM Cloud today announced a major boost to its cloud services, adding the power of Tesla P100 GPUs and the NVIDIA deep learning platform to their offerings. Tesla P100 is the world’s most powerful data center GPU ever built, engineered to deliver giant leaps in performance for deep learning. Launching later this month, IBM Cloud’s P100-based offerings expand the scale and scope of cloud services based on NVIDIA’s GPU computing platform, which are now available from every major public cloud service provider.

IBM’s new offering will provide organizations with near-instant access to Tesla P100 to test and run applications that have the potential to solve problems that were once unsolvable. Tesla P100 and our GPU computing platform is already enabling customers to make breakthroughs in such diverse areas as fraud detection and prevention, genomic research into curing disease, eliminating millions of tons of waste through better inventory management, and automation of manufacturing tasks too dangerous for humans.