Tuesday, April 4, 2017

AMD Ryzen R7 vs Intel 6950X, 6900K & 7700K

Our friends at RealHardwareReviews have pit the AMD Ryzen R7 against the Intel 6950X, 6900K, and the 7700K today. If you are building a new system and don't know which way you want to go, make sure you read this review before you head out shopping.

Thankfully AMD like the phoenix of mythology has risen… eer ‘Ryzen’ from the ashes and have released their own “Core 2 Duo” that takes them in a new, exciting direction. Ok… to be fair AMD’s Ryzen is pronounced ‘Rye-Zen’ and not ‘risen’… but the new Ryzen 7 series of CPUs is a phoenix. It not only promises a IPC performance improvement of better than 50% over their previous Excavator design, they also promise to take Intel on at their own game and beat them.