Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alphacool EISWAND 360 External Water Cooling Kit Review

The Alphacool EISWAND 360 external water cooling kit is on the NikKTech test bench today. Remember when we used to build these from scratch back in the day?

As many of you already know once upon a time water cooling did belong in the niche hardware component category but largely thanks to the appearance of AIO liquid CPU and GPU coolers that's really a thing of the past. It's true that complete water cooling kits are still way more expensive and quite harder to install than AIO models but at the end of the day these are still aimed at experienced users and their prices are nowhere near to what they used to be a decade ago. There is however a solution for inexperienced users who are still willing to spend quite a bit on a complete water cooling kit but can't or are not willing to spend time installing one. We are of course talking about external water cooling kits and today we're going to be testing one and more specifically the brand new EISWAND 360 by our friends over at Alphacool.