Tuesday, March 14, 2017

TSMC Lands Orders For HPC Chips From NVIDIA And Qualcomm

According to this report, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has landed orders for high performance computing chips for AI applications from both NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

TSMC will fabricate Nvidia's next generation Volta GPU using a 12nm process, said the paper, which added that the Volta GPU will be paired with Nvidia's Xavier supercomputer chips for self-driving car applications. TSMC also produces the 256-core Nvidia Pascal GPU and dual-core Denver 2 CPU for Nvidia's recently released JetsonTX2 supercomputer platform, using a 16nm process, the paper indicated. Meanwhile, TSMC also landed earlier orders for the Centriq 2400 server chips from Qualcomm. TSMC has begun volume production of the Centriq 2400 chips, using a 10nm process, said the paper.