Tuesday, March 14, 2017

QuakeCon Registration Schedule Announced

The QuakeCon website has registration details posted today. If you have a spare $400 burning a hole in your pocket, you can get in one the big daddy package below. Don't worry, there are still $150, $50 and free packages available as well.  This is what $400 gets you:

  • $400 (Limit of 32 packages available)
  • Select and reserve a guaranteed seat of your choice in the BYOC
  • VIP seating upgrade
  • Personalized, engraved, illuminated QuakeCon 2017 UAC badge and lanyard
  • Express lane fast-pass registration for the BYOC
  • Express lane fast-pass to every presentation and public event at QuakeCon
  • Limited reserved access seating for all presentationsand events
  • New for 2017! Membership in our QuakeCon UAC Acolyte program, which includes access to register for next year’s UAC experience before open online registration begins
  • New for 2017! Access to new UAC Executive Lounge in the heart of the QuakeCon BYOC, featuring meet-and-greet and signing events with developers.
  • New for 2017! Upgrade a QuakeCon attendee registration to join as a +1 for all express-lane and limited access events.