Monday, March 13, 2017

Cable Company Sends Refund Check That Bounces, Bills Customer Twice For Service He Doesn’t Have

If this doesn't qualify as the "Wait. WHAT!?!" story of the day, I don't know what does. And did this article just say that a $25 check from Time Warner Cable actually bounced?

"Since Andy was canceling before the end of the month, he was due a refund of $21.66. He was told the check would be mailed, but two weeks later it still hadn’t landed in his mailbox. At the end of December, Andy says he spoke with two additional TWC reps who assured him the check was on the way. When the refund came in January, Andy says he took it to the bank. Thinking the situation was resolved, Andy went on with his life. Until he found out the check had bounced and his bank had assessed a $12 fee to his account."