Friday, March 24, 2017

Antec Cube Certified By EKWB Mini-ITX Case Review

If you are building a new LAN box, Steam machine or HTPC, you might want to read this review of the Antec Cube Certified By EKWB. It's a bit on the spendy side but, from what I can tell from this review, it certainly seems worth it.

The Cube is currently available in two editions one in cooperation with EKWB (EK Water Blocks) which is also the one we have here today and one which Antec developed alongside Razer. Now the main differences these two versions have are aesthetic ones and to be more precise the EKWB one features RGB LED illumination (7 different colors) and the EKWB logo whereas the Razer model features just Green LEDs and of course the Razer logo (illuminated). Secondary differences include a 6-fan hub, LED light switch and an 120mm white LED fan mounted on the EKWB model (the Razer edition has a Green LED 120mm fan).