Tuesday, March 21, 2017

AMD Claims LG And Vizio Are Violating Its Graphics Patents

Ugh oh. With the  US International Trade Commission  already agreeing to look into AMD's claims, this could get interesting. I am betting on a settlement where LG and Vizio end up licensing tech from AMD.

AMD is one of the few remaining companies with a big stake in graphics hardware (it's powering the PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PCs), and it's determined to hold on to that stake however it can. In the wake of an earlier filing, the US International Trade Commission has agreed to investigate LG, MediaTek, Sigma Designs and Vizio for allegedly violating AMD's graphics patents. Allegedly, the visual processing in their devices (including phones, mobile CPUs and TVs) treads on AMD's concepts for unified graphics shaders and parallel graphics pipelines. AMD is hoping for a sales ban on any offending products.