Thursday, February 23, 2017

Uber Driver Claims Company Keeps More Money Than It’s Supposed To

Dear Uber, please get your poop in a group. Sure, all these negative stories are great for the press but, at some point, you guys really have to straighten up your act.

"He gives some examples where Uber allegedly shortchanged him, like one ride where the passenger was charged $15.38 based on the pre-ride estimate calculated by the Uber app. After deducting the local booking fee (they vary by market) of $1.80, the plaintiff says that he should have been paid 80% of $13.58 (which comes out to $10.86) for that ride. Instead, he says that Uber only paid him $9.91, nearly a dollar less, basing his rate on 80% of the actual distance and time driven — even though the passenger paid for more than that."