Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NY Attorney General: Time Warner Cable Has Been Ripping You Off

The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Spectrum (PDF), a subsidiary of Charter, accusing the company of lying to customers about the advertised internet speeds.

Spectrum-TWC fraudulently induced at least 640,000 subscribers in New York State to sign up for high-speed plans that it knew it could not provide.  Spectrum TWC knowingly failed to allocate sufficient bandwidth to subscribers, which it could have done either by reducing the size of its service groups or adding more channels to each service group.  Based on several Internet speed tests, including those run by the FCC, subscribers on the 300 Mbps plan generally received only 10% to 70% of the promised speed; subscribers on the 200 Mbps plan received only 14% to 60% of the promised speed; and subscribers on the 100 Mbps plan received only 24% to 87% of the promised speed.