Saturday, February 11, 2017

LEPA NEOllusion CPU Cooler Review

Looking for a cooler with Super Nano Thermal Conductive coating? Don't know what Super Nano Thermal Conductive coating is? Well then, read this review of the LEPA NEOllusion cooler get up to speed.

The latest cooler we tested is not just all about the light show either, although it is quite fancy and prominent in this cooler. LEPA offers a cooler with a 200W TDP, and also borrows some terms we saw in the last Enermax review. VGF or Vortex Generator Flow is what helps to increase the airflow through this tower, and it is yet another cooler with an HDT base. What is also a huge factor in this cooler's performance is that LEPA opted to supply a fan with dual convex blades on it, which force air straight through it, rather than moving air in all directions out the back of the frame. This tower cooler also comes with a special coating to increase thermal efficiency, but with this model, it is called SNTC or Super Nano Thermal Conductive coating.