Friday, February 10, 2017

Intel Says Data Will Drive Growth and Innovation

Today at an annual meeting for investors, Intel Corporation executives discussed the company’s strategy, key investments and top priorities for 2017. CEO Brian Krzanich said the flood of data being generated by smart, connected things and machines would be a driver of innovation and growth for Intel. Krzanich called data “the most important force in technology.” He said he expects Intel to “play a vital role in transitioning this data into practical and important tools to drive business and innovation.”

The number of data-rich markets is large and growing quickly, which is also expanding the addressable market for silicon-based products. More data requires bigger, faster memory as well as new modes of connectivity and more IT spending on devices, data centers and networks. Data is also informing where Intel directs its R&D investments. Krzanich said: “If the market doesn’t generate data, analyze data or use data to drive action, we won’t play in it.”