Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Intel Core i3-7350K "Kaby Lake" CPU Review

Head on over to TweakTown to read their review of the Intel Core i3-7350K. Pack a snack because the review is rather in-depth weighing in at thirteen pages long.

Since Kaby Lake is pretty much the end product of the Process, Architecture, Optimize cycle which Intel is using for its new processors, they decided to unlock a Core i3. The Kaby Lake i3-7530K is pretty much a 7700K divided by two. While it uses the same HD630 graphics core, it has exactly half the core count (2) and half the L3 cache (4MB) as the 7700K. Intel also decided to provide it the same base clock of 4.2GHz, but they didn't give the 7350K Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. The 7350K has a TDP of 61W.