Friday, February 10, 2017

How Should Hypothermia Handle Contests?

I want to leave it up to you guys to decide how we handle contest entries for all of our giveaways. We can use the old school contest entry form where you enter your name and e-mail address and click a "submit" button. Or, we can just require an e-mail with the contest in the subject. There are also services like out there. Finally, how about something I haven't suggested? Remember, this is ALL up to you. We won't do anything you guys don't like. You can select multiple answers but you can only vote once.
*UPDATE* So, after a month and almost a million and a half votes, you guys overwhelming chose the old school e-mail method of entry. As far as, I had no idea there were that many Gleam scammers on YouTube and I would certainly never use anything that could be used to farm subscribers or scam people into social media sign ups.