Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Corsair Announces The Corsair ONE PC

Corsair has announced the Corsair ONE, the company's first ready-to-run PC. While no pricing or availability information is available, the image below gives you an idea how the systems will look.

While engineering a complete PC system should be no trouble for a company that already provides so many key components, the Corsair ONE will require a big shift in sales and support strategy for Corsair: The target audience will mostly be consumers who aren't interested in the hassle of assembling a system based on the Bulldog or Corsair's other products. A high-end VR-ready gaming PC will also be several times more expensive than any other product Corsair has sold. As a ready-to-run machine, the Corsair ONE will require broader post-sale customer support including supporting the pre-installed operating system and software.