Friday, February 10, 2017

Charter Charging Fees To Activate Service That Is Already Active?

This is one of those situations where Charter will simple claim this was an oversight after acquiring Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, dole out some refunds and call it a day. Or, at least that's how it SHOULD go.

"The crux of the complaint is that when Charter took over the Bright House footprint in Florida, it charged existing Bright House customers new-customer activation fees — even though they already had service. The customer filing the lawsuit had existing WiFi service from Bright House long before Charter acquired the company in May, 2016, the suit explains, nor did she ever order any kind of new or upgraded service from Charter after the acquisition. And yet somehow a $9.99 “WiFi activation fee” has mysteriously appeared on her bill. She paid the bill, the suit continues, but Charter and Bright House continue to “attempt to collect the illegitimate debt (and in fact have collected the illegitimate debt) directly from Plaintiff and Class Members” in violation of the law."