Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WD Blue SSD Review

There is a review of the 1TB WD Blue SSD posted today at HotHardware today. If you are in the market for a large, reasonably priced SSD, make sure you check out this review.

Although, with a base of 100 TBW for the 250GB version, you'd have to be doing a lot of writing to the drive to push that boundary. For reference, the WD Blue SSD 1TB has a 400 TBW rating. WD claims that if you write 20GB of data every day, it will take 56 years to hit that 400TB limit. The 500GB unit has a 200 TBW and the 250GB model has 100 TBW. So basically it's the same TBW across all three capacities, divided by size. Mind you, that doesn't mean the drive will die when you hit the limit, it just means the warranty goes out the window.